Live: Blink 182 and Lil Wayne in Noblesville

With album anniversary tours blowing up like crazy the last few years, Blink 182 are the last band to join the party, hitting the road for the 20th anniversary of their breakout album- Enema of the State, and they’ve brought Lil Wayne and Neck Deep out with them. When the tour hit Noblesville, Ind., Neck Deep opened the show and, while they’d played Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center in the past on Vans Warped Tour, and had previously put on high-energy shows, this show was not the case.  Aside from guitarist Matt West, who spent the show spinning around, getting as close to the fans as possible and screaming to demand their full involvement, the rest of the band just stood on stage and didn’t do much to engage the crowd but things would quickly change when Lil Wayne took over.  His set was impressive with a giant “YM” LED logo standing center stage which, as smoke and fog filled the stage, opened down the middle and Lil Wayne- blunt in hand- took the stage to a roar of excitement from the crowd. He blasted through a strong 30-plus song set that included every hit he’s ever had and more and also included pyro, smoke and all the add-ons that take a set from good to great and had even the fans who didn’t come to see him involved, jumping and exhausting almost all their energy before Blink 182 closed out the night.  Without much of a wait, Blink took their spots on a stage that was adorned with numerous LED video screens that showed speakers on them and it was off to the races.  They breezed through the entire Enema of the State, which saw confetti cannons launch during “All The Small Things” and giant inflatable aliens crowd surfing during “Aliens Exist,” and it was exactly the energy you would imagine a Blink 182 concert being back in 1999-2000.  After they wrapped up the first set, they made their way into the lawn for a quick acoustic set and then back to the stage to play a third set of hits and fan favorites, which saw an insane Travis Barker drum solo. Barker’s drum kit sat inside a giant metal globe that rose up and began spinning, which was met with a deafening roar of excitement from fans.  In the end, this was a home run of a show and tour and one that appealed to every group of fans. It was a flashback to when Jay Z and Linkin Park teamed up for a collaboration and these two groups fit together beautifully and it was a night of hits, favorites and memories for everyone -Reggie Edwards \"Click \"Click \"Click