Live: Blacktop Mojo in Indianapolis

“Do any of you feel like we’re living in the end of days?” Blacktop Mojo singer Matt James asked the crowd in Indy’s HiFi while he stood onstage on a Sunday night, “cuz if y’all do, we want to thank you for spending one of your last days with us.” When the band came through the same venue in May of this year, they were direct support for Buckcherry but they were hoping to make some new fans in Indy and they definitely did because the place was packed for a Sunday night- a night notorious for not selling well in Indianapolis. Local rockers Kung Fu Overdrive kicked things off with a set loaded with a perfect combo of rock, punk, metal and more. Blacktop Mojo didn’t just blow the roof off the building, they ripped it off like a destructive tornado wrecking everything in its path and they made no apologies. With Bassist Matt Curtis lurking around the stage while singer James danced around the stage like he was in the midst of a southern-fried ritual, the band was on another level and the crowd was sure to take part. In a world where people are trying to figure out who the next regime of rock greats will be, there’s a few bands right under everyone’s noses and Blacktop Mojo are one of them. If you haven’t seen or heard Blacktop Mojo yet, get onboard now before you get left behind. -Reggie Edwards