Live: Black Dahlia Murder and Alien Weaponry in Belvidere

On September 28, metal bands Alien Weaponry and The Black Dahlia Murder came to The Apollo Theatre AC in Belvidere, Illinois supporting Black Label Society on their tour.

The New Zealand trio, Alien Weaponry, kicked off the night with “Holding My Breath”. Most of their set consisted of songs from ‘Tū’, their 2018 album, with the exception of their newest single, “Ahi Kā”. That night they closed with a fan favorite, “Rū Ana Te Whenua”. The band had quite the performance, really energizing the crowd for The Black Dahlia Murder.

Next up was The Black Dahlia Murder. Before coming on stage the speakers played “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston and the stage lights were set to vibrant pink. The rainbows and butterflies mood all changed when they took the stage to “Widowmaker”, the first track off their album, ‘Nightbringers’. Midway through their set they played a classic from their 2003 album, ‘Unhallowed’ called “Contagion”. They closed out their set with “Everything Went Black” which was another classic from 2007. They had a strong stage performance that night, even their classic songs sounded just as good as they did over a decade ago.

Overall all three bands had strong performances that night and played old and new fan favorites that left the crowd quite pleased. This metal tour is definitely not one you want to miss so make sure you check and see if this tour is coming near you. Also be sure to check out our photo gallery included down below of the show.

-Kayla Gray