Live: The Band Camino rocks Indianapolis

When The Band Camino made their return to Indy for the first time since Fall of 2021, the show sold out almost immediately. Then, when fans found out Hastings and flor were opening the tour, they were more than ready to go.  And that’s exactly what they did when Hastings took the stage. With singer Matt Hastings dancing around the stage, the crowd was into it immediately, singing “Chapstick” right back at the band and giving the love right back to them. When flor took over, things definitely had a different feel. With Flor being much more mellow and slower than Hastings, the crowd was ready to just sit back and vibe but had no problem dancing around when the band picked things up.  By the time The Band Camino hit the stage, the crowd was warmed up and ready to rock out, which they did from the instant the band hit their first note.  The Band Camino cranked the adrenaline levels up to an all-time high from the start and the crowd was ready to let all their energy out since they’d been waiting a long time to see a TBC headline show; they got a taste of the band when they opened for Dan & Shay but the fans were hungry for more ever since so they were rabid. With fans jumping, dancing and screaming along to every lyric, you couldn’t hear the band at times, which made for one hell of a show and experience for everyone there. If The Band Camino was going for memorable, they nailed it.  -Reggie Edwards