Live: Babymetal in Chicago

In todays world of metal, it is common to see new bands hit their mark early on before blending in with the other major rock acts. Babymetal is an exception, due to immediate success and not missing a beat, moving forward with their career. The unique style these girls perform on stage combining Japanese style pop and heavy metal has created a whole new genre in the metal industry. Babymetal released their second album Metal Resistance in April and immediately embarked on a world tour hitting many cities and venues including The House Of Blues in Chicago. Nearly every show across the United States was sold out, and Chicago was packed to capacity filled with dedicated fans determined to show their loyalty to the band. Babymetal took the stage with charisma and energy that immediately filled the venue. The vocals and choreography were on point throughout the show and the backup band never missed a beat and showed their own energy and support for the entire performance. The setlist included many songs from their newest album while still incorporating numerous tracks from the debut album. The crowd was unique in that they reacted differently to every song. Some songs like “Babymetal Death” and “Awadama Fever” included moshing and quick movement like at a typical metal show. Other songs like “Line!” and “Karate” included more dancing and chanting along like in a night club. Songs like “The One” encouraged the crowd to sing along due to the english lyrics. The show ended with Babymetal\’s fastest-paced song, “Road to Resistance,” which they co-wrote with members of Dragonforce, during which the crowd lost their minds and exploded one unit as they sang along, moshed together and let out any energy they had left. When Babymetal comes to town, their fans come out in overwhelming numbers because they know the band tours only when they release an album and they may not get a chance to see them again soon. With this tour, it was well worth their time, well worth their money and confirmed why Babymetal fans are just that. -Josh Ikerdview