Live: Avatar return to Indy

It’s been four years since Avatar graced an Indianapolis stage so when they brought their most recent tour stop to Indy with Light The Torch and The Callous Daoboys, the crowd at Deluxe was rabid as ever. Otep was initially slated to join the trek but dropped off shortly after the tour announcement and The Callous Daoboys joined as the support slot. The Callous Daoboys were a fun fit for opening the tour. With a violin, keyboards and more member that could fit on stage, the singer spent the show inside the security and photography barricade. Their combination of metalcore, mathcore and avant garde was something fans weren’t ready for but were vibing hard to by the end of it. Light The Torch has been on fire ever since changing their name from Devil You Know and never looked back. Their set was loaded with radio hits and fan favorites and Howard Jones has never sounded better than he does on this tour and fans made sure to show the band their love by singing along to every word of every song. Avatar took the stage in unique fashion, each member standing side-by-side as they statuesquely played “Colossus,” before ripping into “Let It Burn,” and the party had begun. The crowd was wild, raucous and intense as ever but still light-hearted enough to blow up massive amounts of balloons and bounce them around the crowd. This was the Avatar show the Indy fans had been waiting years for in more ways than just one and the band made sure to make the show a memorable one for them. -Reggie Edwards