Live: From Ashes to New in Indianapolis

From Ashes to New recently hit Indianapolis on their Summer tour and brought Palisades, Awake At Last and The Funeral Portrait with them for a night that lived up to every fan’s expectations.  The night started early with The Funeral Portrait, who got the crowd warmed up with their dark, gothic, macabre-style rock and, though the room wasn’t packed to capacity, the fans in attendance loved it and gave the band every ounce of energy they had. Awake At Last was next up and they’ve gotten a lot of buzz and fast thanks to Sirius XM Octane and fans were more than excited for their set and it showed from the beginning. Their message of hope through the darkness and the promise that things get better garnered a strong connection with the crowd and they were one of the strongest sets of the night.  After Palisades finished a strong set that geared fans up for From Ashes to New, the headliners finally took the stage and- just like at Inkcarceration Festival the weekend before, the energy blasted the roof off the Old National Centre and the party had begun. They opened with “The Future” and the base vibrations ran through your body and gave you chills and when Matt Brandyberry started rapping the opening lines of the song, fans lost their minds.  FATN upped things with “Land of Make Believe” and continued through a set that matched songs from Day One perfectly with material from The Future and the adrenaline was infectious from the band to the fans and vice versa.  Halfway through the set, the band took a break while singer Danny Case and guitarist Lance Dowdle played an acoustic, stripped down version of “Lost and Alone,” which led to a cover of Linkin Park’s “In The End,” which was so deafening you would have thought there were 20,000 people in the room.  Their set wrapped up with a revamped version of “Nowhere to Run” as well as “Breaking Now” before the band ended with “Through It All” as they thanked the fans for sticking with them through the lineup changes and everything else that the band has gone through the last few years and promised new music in the near future.  If you came into the night a fan of From Ashes to New, you left more than satisfied and if you came into the night not familiar with them, you left a fan. -Reggie Edwards \"Click \"Click \"Click \"Click