Live: Alter Bridge brings Last Hero Tour to Baltimore

The Last Hero tour is definitely one of those can\’t miss tours of the early 2017 concert season. Alter Bridge is out supporting their newest album The Last Hero and they\’re bringing along Nonpoint. In my own personal opinion these are two of the best live bands I\’ve seen hands down and having them on the same tour is almost too perfect, so needless to say it was going to be one hell of a night. Nonpoint is one of the most energetic and passionate bands I\’ve ever had the chance to see. I really appreciate the fact that the guys were rockin some local sports teams shirts and jerseys, it\’s always so cool to see bands take the time to do that and the crowd definitely took note. I\’ll have to say that my overall highlight would be when they played Bullet With A Name, the whole venue lost their minds and it was absolutely beautiful. Alter Bridge played an extremely interesting set. I was a super stoked that they were covering a pretty good range of their work, old and new. Finally seeing them perform Ghosts of Days Gone By was chilling in the most excellent way. Addicted to Pain is an amazing song in general but live it is amplified and somehow better. Myles Kennedy makes everything he does look so effortless on stage, I love it. They definitely had an amazing set and the crowd was having the time of lives. The Last Hero tour is everything you can ask for in one night of just good rock music. It was fun, energetic and just all around kick ass. If you missed it, Alter Bridge will be going back out on tour in the Spring with In Flames and Metal Church on select dates. -Tera Ford \"Alter