Live: Alice In Chains and Breaking Benjamin in Noblesville

Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley stood on stage in front of a sold out 20,000-person crowd in Noblesville, Ind. and was living a childhood dream come true. Burnley’s first concert as a teen was Bush, who played before Breaking Benjamin on this current tour, while Burnley’s second concert as a teen was Alice in Chains, who are currently headlining the run. To say this was a dream come true for Burnley is an absolute understatement. After The L.I.F.E Project opened the show, Bush took the stage with a set full of fan favorites, including “Machinehead,” “Everything Zen,” “Glycerine” and more.  Bush’s lead singer Gavin Rossedale took to the crowd during “Flowers on a Grave” traveling all the way to the lawn and across the venue. Needless to say, Bush set the bar high for Breaking Benjamin! Breaking Benjamin blew the bar sky high. During the opening song Burnley’s mic and guitar were not working properly and the frustration was visibly growing on his face which only made him play harder. With flames shooting high behind the band and production issues resolved, Burnley and his band played their hearts out. Halfway through the set the band to a moment to sit down on stage as they played an acoustic version of Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever.” After that small break the band took the crowd back in time 20 years and played “Polyamorous,” from their debut album. After more pyro, Breaking Benjamin ended their set and it was time for Alice in Chains. Alice in Chains took the stage with a basic stage set but sounded great. It was clear that the bar was far too high to surpass. But did that stop them from playing their classics? Hell no. Alice and Chains still brought the thunder with songs like “Dem Bones,” “Man in the Box,” “Got me Wrong,” and “Rooster,” and the perfect ending for any fans who had wanted to see these bands live. -Tim Stepp