Like A Storm: Awaken The Fire review

Like A Storm made waves in 2014 with singles “Love The Way You Hate Me” and “Wish You Hell.” Comprised of three biological brothers from New Zealand, they\’ve been touring the U.S. for a few years but just recently started to make an impact and their latest record, Awaken the Fire, is one of the most anticipated records of 2015. If you\’ve been a concert regular in 2013 or 2014, chances are you\’ve seen Like A Storm in the last few years and if you listen to Sirius XM Octane there\’s no doubt you\’ve heard them and Awaken The Fire doesn\’t just live up to expectations- it takes them and smashes them against the wall, puts them back together and obliterates them again. There\’s no filler on this album. Every song is relevant and impressive and the first two singles are by far not the only winning tracks. Opener “Chaos” gets things off to a powerful start before leading into “Love The Way You Hate Me,” which blends the awe of the didgeridoo with current rock elements for something you just don\’t hear every day. Then when you add the exceptional cover of Coolio\’s “Gangster\’s Paradise” you have a collection of rock songs that you just can\’t pass up. The hard rock tracks aren\’t the only thing to give a listen to. No, no- not in the least bit. Ballads “Break Free” and “Ordinary” should become quick hits this year and will be fan favorites before you know it. While the band may have formed in 2005 but they\’ve finally hit their stride and with Awaken The Fire, they haven\’t just put out a killer rock album that should be an early contender for many album of the year lists but they\’ve proved that they\’re a force to be reckoned with in the rock world. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards