Like Moths to Flames Announce \”Pure Like Porcelain\” EP

U.S. metalcore giants Like Moths to Flames have announced their upcoming EP Pure Like Porcelain will be released on Friday, November 5. Today\’s announcement comes alongside the reveal of its first single \”The Preservation of Hate.\” This is the track that arguably captures the full extent of Moths\’ animated new spark found on this release. A brutal, thrashy, and quite simply – very metal – effort, it\’s the \”oddball\” on the release, says Like Moths to Flames vocalist Chris Roetter. \”I think we just wanted to have fun with this one,\” he adds. \”A lot of time, the focus for Moths is working cool chorus parts into the structure, so it\’s a nice change of pace to have little singing on the track. It feels like a continuation of some of the more anger driven songs in catalogue and people who like the heavier side of the band will be pleased.\” Speaking of the full EP, Roetter explains that Pure Like Porcelain’s title is an ironic take on the impurity and imperfection of humans. The vocalist admits this was his first time writing more descriptive and detailed lyrics rather than clinging to generalized threads. On \”Gnashing Teeth,\” he describes a dysfunctional relationship with religion, and on \”Views From Halfway Down,\” he writes of struggling with a mindset he knows is bad for him — and broadly — how humans often live in cycles of pain, addicted to behaviors we know are bad for us. Demonstrating the fervent new lifeblood to be found in the Moths camp, Pure Like Porcelain is out November 5 via UNFD. On their forthcoming EP, Like Moths to Flames bust through the new foundation they set on their 2020 album No Eternity in Gold. Stretching themselves musically, thematically, and dynamically, Pure Like Porcelain finds these seasoned scene heroes in a state of reinvention, reinvigoration, and ultimately hitting their stride once and for all. Roetter also credits the band\’s newest members and writing partners, guitarists Zach Pishney and Jeremy Smith, as key to drawing out the refreshed and elevated departure in sound heard on Pure Like Porcelain. \”I remember hearing some of the stuff they were writing and thinking, \’Wow, I don\’t know if this is too left field to what we do as a band,\’\” he admits. \”I feel like sometimes I might be the safe keeper because I\’ve been in the band since I was a kid, so it\’s harder for me to stray from what we\’re known for. But I know Zach and Jeremy have a lot to show, and a lot to offer as musicians. So I just said, \’You know what, you guys do whatever you want. If it\’s weird, it\’s weird!\’\” Pishney comments that his and Smith\’s writing styles are a never-ending cycle of new material raring to go. Just eight weeks after tying up recording for No Eternity in Gold, the group was scheduling new recording time and sifting through 35 songs to find the cream of the crop for Pure Like Porcelain. \”I think the EP is just a small taste of where we could possibly go next as a band,\” Pishney declares. \”If No Eternity is considered a return-to-form album, then the EP is expanding those boundaries again. The coolest thing to me about the outcome of the EP is how extreme the shift in dynamic can be from song to song while still feeling like a cohesive listening experience as a whole.\” PURE LIKE PORCELAIN TRACK LISTING: \”Ameliorate\” \”Views From Halfway Down\” \”The Preservation of Hate\” \”Gnashing Teeth\” \”Do Not Resuscitate\”