Lifelines: In Presents Wake

\"LifelinesBorn in the back streets of Glasgow in Scotland, metal band Lifelines have set out to annihilate every venue they play with their energetic and full on approach to music. Having formed in 2011 it wasn’t until the end of 2012 that the band achieved a solid line up and began picking up critical acclaim for their approach, achieving features in Front Magazine as well as touring with the likes of Bleed From Within and Palm Reader. Now moving forwards with their debut EP, In Presents Wake, Lifelines have set out to capture their live energy on a recording, packing their tracks with blistering riffs and pounding beats whilst showing that potentially, they could well be about to become a prominent force on the UK metal scene. So within a scene that’s already packed with new bands aiming to get seen and get known, what makes Lifelines stand out? As Skyscrapers kicks the EP into being the bass heavy rhythms grab you, immediately propelling you into a world of hammering riffs, driving beats and roaring vocals, somehow capturing the feeling of fresh new metal whilst still sounding experienced and accomplished – a clever mix for sure. Packed with distorted aggression, it’s clear from the off that this is a band who thrive on the live scene, their sound oozing with intensity and power whilst still sounding well put together and thought through. It’s this musicianship that makes Limitless such a hard hitting track, managing to come across as insanely heavy whilst at the same time, capturing enough melody to keep you listening and interested. Sounding akin to the likes of Killswitch Engage or 36 Crazyfists at times, there’s a sense of accessibility that flows through the track, and makes it stand out as a moment you can’t afford to miss. The Protagonist continues to push the boundaries of the EP, capturing an almost Dark Tranquility sense of power and darkness within the music whilst adding their own signature blend of distortion to transform it into an almost Hatebreed style hardcore moment. Better Left Unsaid once again captures that KSE approach yet once again, takes things to a whole new level, managing to walk that thin line between hard hitting and in your face and melodically balanced. It’s this track that stands out as a serious high point on the EP, a moment of reflection almost, and a moment that potentially will get the band further critical acclaim moving forwards from here. Closing the EP with Undertow and Silver Screen Synthetic there’s not a note out of place or line that doesn’t fit, simply closing the EP in a way that’s sure to leave you wanting more and looking forward to however Lifelines choose to follow this up. Capturing the live essence of a band on a recording is always tricky, yet Lifelines have managed to put together an EP that doesn’t just capture their live show, it demonstrates their ability to write songs, perform, and capture the imaginations of all who hear it – highly recommended. Rating: 9/10 -Dave Nicholls