Levitika Releases \”Zombie Barbie\” Music Video

Levitika has released a music video for her track \”Zombie Barbie\”. The track which is available for purchase now on iTunes was produced by Jeff Blue (Linkin ParkKornLimp Bizkit), and the video was directed byNima Nabili Rad (Justice CrewMartin GarrixDami Im). The song will be going to U.S. radio in April, and Levitika will be doing a U.S. tour this spring.

Watch Levitika\’s \”Zombie Barbie\” music video below:


\”Zombie\” is used to signify the suppression of our inner self and true self due too societal pressures. Thus, resulting in a death of certain outward expression or actions, restricting us from truly expressing or being ourselves. This in turn leaves us as the, walking, talking dead, hence a Zombie.

\”Barbie\” is used to signify the plastic (lacking in cognitive substance) superficial as well as materialist ideology and mentality constantly placed upon us in society. As the song says, “Conceived a product of your fantasy” and “my plastic heart and eyes this superficial life”, the message is expressing that we are born into this world to only be bombarded by societal influences, in turn affecting our development and self identity. The mention of a “Plastic Heart” in particular suggests that society has gotten the better of some people. These individuals have grown into this creature “Zombie Barbie” with a heart dead to themselves, converted to plastic conforming to societal ideals. Placing utmost importance on the martial e.g. money, aesthetics, power, etc.

Zombie Barbie was written and producer in the US with multi-platinum music producer Jeff Blue and Steve Dresser. The concept was based on the matters discussed above combined with Levitika’s artist image (tall/blonde, hence barbie) and a love for the dark and theatrical (hence Zombie).

The core message of the song is be who you are, be real and don’t let society override your identity. It\’s saying that people should be free to be who they are and express themselves in the way that they want to express themselves and that is very important. – Levitika