The Letter Black: Rebuild review

\"Rebuild\"The world of Christian rock and metal is growing and expanding rapidly. Those artists have also been crossing over into the mainstream market to much approval from the mainstream fans. Another big movement is that of female-fronted bands, which are rapidly growing in popularity and demand. Pennsylvania’s The Letter Black fit all of those criteria and their sophomore release, Rebuild, is one of the highest-anticipated releases of the year. Their debut, Hanging on By a Thread, was a huge success and saw the band touring with some of the biggest names in Christian rock and metal, put them on some of the biggest stages and main festivals as well as landed them in major publications like Revolver, Decibel and, of course, The Front Row Report. Pushed back numerous times for various reasons, Rebuild sees the band taking the sound and lyricism of Hanging on By a Thread and expands it on a colossal level. Led by husband and wife combo of Sarah Anthony on lead vocals and Mark Anthony on lead guitar as well as Matt Beal and Justin Brown, The Letter Black have that dueling vocal attack that’s become so appealing to fans. With Rebuild, The Letter Black gets heavier than their debut record in many areas including the opening track “Sick Charade.” From there they kick right into “Breakout” and “Pain Killer” which are equally as heavy and beautiful at the same time. “Found” is the epitome of a Letter Black ballad and showcases the voice of Sarah Anthony very similar to the ballads from Hanging on By a Thread. It’s easy for a band to fall into the sophomore slump. As the saying goes, you have your entire life to write your first album but only a year or two to write your second. This isn’t the case with The Letter Black. To many, if a band can deliver on their sophomore record and put out a record just as good, close to or even better than their debut, then they’re here to stay. Believe this, friends, The Letter Black is here to stay and they’re yet another Christian metal band and female-fronted band to break into the mainstream market and make an impact. Look for them to do big things in the next year or two during the upcoming album cycle. The Letter Black is the band to watch. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards