Ledisi: The Truth review

We have all had a broken heart—point blank. When it comes to the style and musical nature of artist Ledisi, she shines through and sings about heartbreaks that every woman will have to endure at some point in her love life. With the release of her new album The Truth, Ledisi is proof that vocal talent is still important when trying to cross over to main stream success.

Neo-Soul is a genre that is quite hard to put a finger on as some artists have made success to a mainstream level including artists such as Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and John Legend among a few select others. With a genre as delicate as Neo-Soul, not every artist is able to make an easy transition over to mainstream success, but Ledisi is your exception singer as she has done the unthinkable in the industry.

With seven albums under her belt and a few Grammy nominations, Ledisi is a vocal talent worth mentioning undoubtedly. When listening to The Truth, you somehow feel as if Ledisi read the pages in your diary and sung them out loud in song format.

“88 Boxes” is one of my favorite songs on the album. Ledisi pours out her soul as she sings about a broken heart she suffered from a man she was with for many years, but he left her with only 88 boxes to pack up and leave.

The albums leading single, “I Blame You” was released just in time for the summer. For those who are into the dance form of stepping will appreciate this song because you can’t help but want to do a two-step while listening to this song.

The album does get a bit sexy with the song, “Loose Control.” If you are looking for a song to play during “play time” with your significant other—this is the perfect song.

The Truth does provide some upbeat tempos and not just all sad love songs. “Rock With You” is another favorite song of mines on the album. This song instantly makes you want to dance the second you listen to the first line.

Are you looking for a woman empowerment song? “The Good Good” is the perfect song to get any woman into the right mindset that she is indeed the shit.

With thirteen tracks of non-stop pure talent, this album will surely be on repeat for any mood you may feel. There is a deluxe version of the album that features two extra songs, “Mine” and “I Swear.” This album will easily show up on any list of must haves because this album is just that—a must have.

Rating: 10/10

-Samantha Pounds