Lawless Hearts: Creatures of Habit review

Lawless Hearts are the latest rising band to burst onto the scene and their upcoming EP- Creatures of Habit may help them do just that and more. Led by Alex Marie on vocals and featuring Michael Thomas on lead guitar, Justus Sutherland on rhythm, Rob Joseph on guitar and Corey Ahlquist on drums, Lawless Hearts are hungry and you can hear it when listening to this EP. Opening with the title track, things start a little slow but they pick up very quickly and it doesn’t take long for the band to show they’re the real deal. Marie’s voice is a unique one and is very powerful while the guitar work features some pretty impressive riffs. At just four tracks, this is an impressive showcase for the band. The standout track is “If I Have To,” which features one of the most anthemic and infectious openings on the record- let alone on any album. This is the song that people will remember Lawless Hearts for and it’s an impressive track. In the end, Lawless Hearts have recorded and created a hell of an EP and could very well become one of Pavement’s standout bands. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards