Laugh At The Fakes: Dethrone Crown review

Gene Simmons recently said “rock is finally dead.” Many people believe that the rock of the 80\’s has gone to the way side. However with the likes of Judas Priest, Def Leppard, and AC/DC still out and touring, it gives bands like Laugh At the Fakes a guide to produce that mere metal sound no longer found just in the 80\’s.

With this group you will not find big hair or painted faces. Instead, you will find rich melodies combined with the rich metal sound that will take you back to your head banging days. Laugh At The Fakes- hailing from Toronto- will be releasing their first full length album Dethrone the Crown on November 18th.

Some of the most noticeable metal sounding tracks on the whole album where you might just catch yourself head banging- are that of “Death Awaits” and  “Fighting Dirty.” Alongside these tracks, the title track of “Dethrone the Crown” throws catchy rifts, along with showcasing the skills of drummer Christopher Avalos, continuing to draw you into the album from start to finish.

Then you can transition into a slower more low key tracks of “And I” as well as “Cut to the Chase” with its pointed and crisp guitar riffs, followed by a nice guitar solo and beautiful harmonies with lead vocalist Everett Mason that almost pays tribute to Poison.

For this being their first full-length since releasing their One Night Only EP in 2011, Dethrone the Crown is no laughing matter. This album offers something for everyone that enjoys rock music including the older generations who feel that the music from the childhood is no longer existent. Get out there and see what they are about.

Rating: 9/10

-Luke Ballengee