Our Last Enemy- Pariah review

Imagine yourself walking through a vast wasteland where there are ashes falling everywhere and small fires burning throughout the crevices of crushed buildings. All of a sudden there is a feeling that something is right behind you.

At that moment you begin walking faster and faster and faster until you find yourself in a dead sprint, never looking back. Now stop, you\’ve just entered the world that Our Last Enemy has established with the first song “Devour the Sun” off of Pariah, their album.

The term, Pariah, comes from Southern India- meaning outcast but Our Last Enemy has a much deeper definition of the term that can be found throughout this entire album.

Our Last Enemy, hailing from Australia, brings to us a complex, cut throat, almost hard to swallow album and one that is far from being for the faint of heart and mainly focusing on a guide to the apocalypse.

With track titles like “Devour the Sun,” “10,000 Headless Horses,” “Wolves of Perigord,” and “Don\’t Look Now” it just adds to the complexity of this album. There is not a single track on the album that does not in some way soundtrack the end of times.

Many have raved that this band draws comparisons to industrial metal however they are merely influenced by it creating their own sense of style.

With a deep, low, earthshaking rumble almost sounding like a fighter jet coming in the distance it becomes apparent exactly what it is, the sound of  “10,000 Headless Horses” rolling your direction. The complexity of the double bass drum throughout the song paired so seemingly well with the guitar, and the warning alarm used in movies to warn of a nuclear explosion, help culminate this song to once listened to will never be forgotten.

While most songs on the album contain an intro, in the song “Internus Diablos Verni” lead singer Oliver Fogwell belts if from stage one with the gravely, sometimes horrifying scream. Various elements, such as a bell tower or the shrill screams of a female, are infused in the chorus to add an even more haunting feeling like an exorcism is taking place to cast out all the demons.

Most of the songs on this album have been infused with some of the most horrific, traumatizing, and disturbing noises that an individual can come across.

Due to the complexity of the album, it may take the listener a couple times to grasp exactly what is taking place. However, once they do grasp the pure nature of the album they will become fully indulged in the glory it portrays.

Rating: 9/10

-Luke Ballengee