Ladies and Gentleman…My Name is Paul Heyman DVD review

Of all the heels in the history of professional wrestling, many stand out in the minds and memories of many wrestling fans. Whether it be WWE, WCW, NWA or any other promotion, a good heel will stick to your brain like a virus. One of the most notorious and arguably the greatest hell of them all is Paul Heyman. Many know him for his creation of ECW; others know him for managing superstars like CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. However, the career and legacy of Paul Heyman goes much, much deeper than that and the latest DVD release from WWE, Ladies and Gentleman…My Name is Paul Heyman showcases the career of Heyman from the very beginning up through today. The DVD set opens with an impressive montage of wrestlers describing Heyman and shows what many in the business really think of man who’s become one of the most controversial figures in the history of wrestling. Heyman started out as a freelance photographer and writer for his own wrestling fanzine. From there he used the fanzine as a way to gain press access to early WWF events at Madison Square Garden and became a house photographer for the legendary Studio 54. When it came to wrestling, his passion, Heyman learned the ins and outs from one of the business’ best- Dusty Rhoads, who spent countless hours with a young Heyman. This DVD set goes well into detail about Heyman’s WCW career and what led to him leaving, his career as Paul E. Dangerously (one of early wrestling’s greatest heel managers), the creation and downfall of ECW, his transition into WWE and much more. One of the many highlights of the DVD set is the numerous interviews with former ECW talents and those who have worked very closely with Heyman over the years, describing their experiences with the man, some of whom disclose details and anecdotes that haven’t been heard by anyone up until the release of the DVD. After watching  Ladies and Gentleman…My Name is Paul Heyman there is almost no way anyone can see Heyman as a bad guy. Many of the negative rumors that have been floating around about Heyman over the years are put to bed in this DVD and it paints a picture of Paul Heyman the man, the father, the wrestling fan and the evil genius we’ve all come to know and love in a twisted kind of way. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards