Lacuna Coil: Broken Crown Halo review

Lacuna Coil need no introduction. As far as Italian metal bands go they’re possibly the most iconic on an international level. Often categorized as a gothic metal band, they may be one of the most well-known in that department as well. And as far as female-fronted bands or co-fronted bands, the same goes for that too. Having one of the most dedicated fanbases in all of metal, when Lacuna Coil tours and/or releases an album, it’s going to get a lot of attention. They’ve paid their dues and they’ve earned every bit of it. Their latest opus, Broken Crown Halo, is the follow up to 2010’s Dark Adrenaline, and is a classic Lacuna Coil album and the band is at their best with this release. While there are no curveballs and nothing out of left field here, Lacuna Coil have still found a way to reinvent themselves and take it to another level. From the opening seconds of the first track and lead single “Nothing Stands in Our Way,” you know you’re in for a typical Lacuna album- which means you’re in for the best of the best. They rock it like only they can do with this track and captivate you so much that you have to listen to the rest of the record. With this being the final record with longtime members Cris “Pizza” Migliore and Cristiano “CriZ” Mozzati, it’s obvious they laid it all out on the table here and have Lacuna Coil have sent the two on their way out with one hell of a final musical statement. Even though we don’t get anything revolutionary or musically innovating on this record, the familiar elements that make Lacuna Coil so recognizable are stronger than ever. The symphonic and synth elements are more dynamic, the beautiful voice of Cristina Scabbia is as gorgeous and chilling as ever, the gothic rock elements are darker than they’ve ever been and the chemistry between Scabbia and co-frontperson Andrea Ferro is only blazing more ferocious than a wildfire in the height of summer. With Broken Crown Halo, Lacuna Coil have come back with a vengeance, shaking you stronger than a 9.0 earthquake, destroying you more than an F5 tornado and have taken their rightful place at the metal throne. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards