Lacey Sturm: The Reason review

Many know Lacey Sturm as the vocal drive behind rock band Flyleaf. What started out being known as one of the most powerful voices and one of the strongest rock bands in a long time quickly became one of the strongest Christian bands with one of the strongest messages.

Everyone always kind of thought there was a strong story behind the message of Flyleaf’s music and as the band’s career blossomed, frontwoman Lacey Sturm became more and more open about her troubled past. The more popular the band became, the more open she was about the trials she’d fought through.

It wasn’t until after the band finished up support of their sophomore record, Memento Mori and before the release of their third record, New Horizons, that Sturm decided to leave the band- a decision that shocked rock fans everywhere.

After leaving the band and becoming completely vocal about her past, she became a regular active member of The Whosoevers movement and took on a completely different professional life, centering her entire life around her family.

Enter 2014 and Sturm has released her first memoir, The Reason: How I Discovered A Life Worth Living, documenting her troubled pre-Christian life, career with Flyleaf and the decisions leading up to leaving the band.

Fans have forever wondered what really led to her exit and what stories are behind some of their biggest songs and the answers to some of the questions fans have always wanted to ask.

Sturm opens the book talking about her birth and how it was a miracle she was even born. She’s a living miracle in more than one way. When she got older, though, things weren’t always great.

Throughout her childhood, her mother severely abused her. This led to atheism, suicide and some very dark places.

A lot of people reading the book may not realize exactly what child abuse does to a child and the longterm effects it has as the victim gets older. That’s something that stays with you forever and some people cope with it in different ways. For Sturm it led her to some of the darkest places you can go to as a human being.

It wasn’t until she reached the point of no return that she found the strength to turn life around.  In her darkest hours she found the proof of God and pulled a complete 180. Soon after she formed Flyleaf and set out to change peoples’ lives and reach those who have similar stories to hers.

With The Reason, Sturm shows firsthand a true story of hope,second chances, inspiration and redemption. Any Flyleaf fan needs to read this book and anyone who needs a story to relate to should pick it up immediately.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards