Kottonmouth Kings: The Buddah Shack EP review

2013 was a crazy yet career altering year for rip-hop group Kottonmouth Kings, starting with a dispute between KMK manager/co-founder of Suburban Noize Records Kevin Zinger and Kottonmouth Kings member and co-founder of Suburban Noize Records, Daddy-X. As a result of the conflict Daddy-X was fired from Suburban Noize Records. He and fellow Kottonmouth King members D-Loc, Johnny Richter, The Dirtball, Lou Dog, and DJ Bobby B quit the label and decided to create their own label, United Family Music. Months later, longtime Kottonmouth King member  Johnny Richter left the group to pursue a solo career and rejoined Suburban Noize Records. Enter 2014 and a new opportunity for the Kottonmouth Kings to shine with the release of a new EP titled The Buddah Shack, which opens up with the track \”Buddah Headz,” blaring a classic KMK sound and lyrics to match, letting you all know that they are the Kottonmouth Kings and love smoking weed. \”Eternal Speed,\” featuring Cali rapper C4mula, has a nice hip-hop/techno beat that will get you jamming to the music and \”Jump Over\” is a reggae jam about taking the high road  when things get rough. \”Fuck Watcha Heard\” featuring former KMK member Saint Dog, is a diss track on the haters of KMK and the final track \”Walk The Line\” featuring C4mula, showcases the classic rip-hop sound that the Kottonmouth Kings have been known for throughout their long career. The release of The Buddah Shack EP is a nice treat for Kottonmouth Kings fans and will hopefully pave the way for a new full length album from the battle-tested Kottonmouth Kings. Rating: 10/10 -Philip Coon