KoRn doesn\’t let Covid stop them from rocking Indiana\’s Ruoff Music Center

Covid couldn’t stop KoRn from playing Noblesville this summer when they made their long-awaited return to Ruoff Music Center over the weekend, bringing Staind and ’68 with them. KoRn singer Jonathan Davis recently recovered from Covid and was eager to hit the road again, with Noblesville being just the second show since he made his recovery- the night before in Tinley Park was the band’s first show back. The night started off early with ’68, who many fans weren’t familiar with but became instant fans of. Singer Josh Scogin’s sense of humor showed through during the short set, with him joking that the two-person band didn’t have much time to play so he only wanted the fans to clap once after one of their songs. Later on he mentioned that touring with KoRn had been so much fun that he recommended that anyone in the crowd go on tour with the metal legends if they ever got the chance- and that if they’re in a band, they were on the right track but that if they weren’t in one, he didn’t know what to do. Their set ended with Scogin tearing down the drum kit while drummer Nikko Yamada was still playing, which got a roar of excitement from the crowd before Staind took over. The Massachusetts rock legends took the stage quickly and ripped through a set of nothing but hits and fan favorites. They were supposed to play Indy in the summer of 2020 with Disturbed and Bad Wolves but had to cancel the tour due to the Covid pandemic. Luckily, they were able to make a summer tour happen this year and the fans who had waited that long made sure to cash in on the anticipation. It wasn’t long after this that KoRn took the stage and rocked what was left of the Indiana crowd into oblivion. They opened with “Insane” and followed that up with “Falling Away From Me” and “Here To Stay,” which got the crowd’s intensity up pretty quickly. Since Jonathan Davis was still feeling the effects of Covid, he brought his solo concert throne with him and spent the majority of the show sitting down as he would get winded and tired pretty easily, leading him to use an oxygen mask from time to time, which is completely understandable. Regardless of this, he sounded amazing and hit almost every note, growl and scream with immaculate perfection and showed exactly why metal is the superior genre to any other. Not many artists would catch Covid and then hit the road as soon as they test negative but still feel the effects- metal breeds a different type of artist and KoRn made sure not to let their fans down. Anyone in attendance owes KoRn a huge thank you for playing this tour and we also wish KoRn bassist Fieldy a quick return from any personal situations he may have going on that caused him to sit out this tour. -Reggie Edwards Click here for photos of \’68 Click here for photos of Staind Click here for photos of KoRn