KMFDM return to Pittsburgh with dominance

When industrial pioneers KMFDM (Which is short for Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid and loosely translates as “No Pity for The Majority”) hit the scene in 1984 they quickly found themselves at the very forefront of the industrial music movement and for damn good reason. To this day the band are considered Gods among mere men when it comes to industrial music and their current Salvation Tour, which frontman and mastermind Sascha Konietzko is saying may be the last tour for the band in the US, finds the band as lethal and potent as ever. Fans in Pittsburgh hadn’t seen the band since 2013 and were more than ready for a KMFDM fix when the tour hit Mr. Smalls on a beautiful Friday in July. Kicking things into gear that night was devastating industrial sets by Inertia, Chant and Rein[Forced]. Each band gave a performance more powerful than the last and by the time KMFDM hit the stage the fans were primed, ready and foaming at the mouth in anticipation. Of course they did not disappoint, giving all they had and laying it all on the line. The legions of faithful were treated to new and classic interpretations of KMFDM standards like “Money,” “Ultra,” “Tohuvabohu,” Son Of A Gun,” “Terror,” “Megalomaniac,” “Hau Ruck” and “A Drug Against War” alongside deeper cuts like “Light,” “Brainwashed,” “Animal Out,” “Salvation” and “Amnesia.” As for the band’s performances, both individual and as a whole, they were absolutely flawless. Konietzko is the heart and soul of the band and knows very well that all eyes are on him and is so comfortable in that role that he casually had a smoke in the middle of the set and Lucia Cifarelli has really come into her own with her role as co-vocalist and keyboardist. Not to mention the strength of the vocals and command of the stage by both of them. Let’s not forget guitarists Jules Hodgson & Steve White, who laid down brutally metallic riffs and out of this world solos all night long that would have thrilled fans of Rammstein or drummer Andy Selway, who literally beat the living shit out of his kit all night, pounding it and the crowd into submission. By the time the encore of “Adios” and “Godlike” came to an end, both the crowd and the band were drenched in sweat and the six or seven guys that had been moshing throughout the night were bloodied, bruised and broken, all sure signs that a good time was had by everyone. If that really was the last time these fans will see KMFDM live, they sure as hell made the best of it and many stayed late to hang with the band outside, have pictures taken and get things signed. One guy even had the band sign his brand new black Chevy Camaro with a silver sharpie. Hell yes! -Eric Hunker [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/KMFDM in Pittsburgh/\”]