Kissing Candice Signs with Zoid Entertainment

Kissing Candice has been leaving their horror-imprint of heavy metal since 2012. They\’ve set an indelible design with their music and trademark masks. Now with the release of their single/video \”Tapeworm\” they’ve brought it all together as the five members of Kissing Candice have teamed up with a few different special effects artists to create their new masks (see list of artists below). KC peeled back their new twisted and obscured garb recently in an exclusive premiere with Rue Morgue, and their heavy metal song, “Tapeworm”, due out Friday November 13th, can be pre-saved while the video wriggles its way into the hearts and stomachs.
Along with the release of \”Tapeworm\” Kissing Candice have multiple projects in various media parcels coming in 2021 including a new album and a horror comic book by Sacred Chaos Comics in the works.