Kingdom Come Festival continues to grow and thrive in 2015

Festivals are becoming more and more prominent in the US. Over the last few years they’ve been popping up all over the place. One of the most well-organized festivals is one you may not even know about or expect and that’s Kingdom Come Festival (KCF) in Kokomo, Ind.

Emanating from Kokomo’s Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization Grounds, the scenery for the annual free festival is perfect for a music festival. With a veteran memorial sitting right below a giant American flag, things just feel right.

The festival has only been around for a few years but it continues to grow and prosper. Last year saw We As Human headline the festival and 2015 saw them return for a second run, headlining day 1 and things couldn’t have run smoother.

Things started early with locals and Indiana bands playing sets that, although the crowd was small for, hit right at home with.

The Upright, Scarlet Raven, Silence The Ocean, T.A.G. and The Lasting Hope all played short-but-dominant sets to start the day before the national bands hit the stage.

The first national band- Ilia- has built up a huge following online and their shows are always some of the most powerful you’re gonna find. KCF was no different. While they only had around 30 minutes or so, they crammed a good amount of songs in as well as a testimony, which clearly reached a few people.

Following them as Indiana’s The Perfect Dream- who started their career as Silver From The Flames. We covered them in 2011 at Lamb Jam Festival in Linton, Ind. and they were still early in their career. The interesting thing about The Perfect Dream is they’re all siblings and not one of them is older than 17. KCF was their farewell show and it was fun to see how far they’d come in just four years’ time. They took the stage, owned it and went out in style.

After a praise and worship-style set from Consumed By Fire, Scarlet White took over to rock the energy back into the crowd and get them ready for Children 18:3, and that’s exactly what they did…and more.

Children 18:3 took the stage to a roaring of excitement from the crowd. Most of the crowd grew up listening to Children 18:3 and were seeing them for the first time so there was years of anticipation resonating from the fans. The band didn’t disappoint in the least bit and played a good hour-long set.

It was by-far one of the most powerful sets of the day and the crowd was screaming for more but was time for We As Human to hit the stage and they did just that around 11 p.m.

We As Human have been on a rampage and accomplished more in support of their 2013 debut album than most bands do in their entire careers. Their sophomore album is set to be released soon and they opened their KCF set with a new track, “Fall From Hell” before ripping into “Dead Man.”

They played a good hour-long headline set that saw them play almost every major track from their debut album as well as one more new track. Their energy on stage is always contagious and infectious and, despite taking the stage at 11 and ending after midnight, they had more energy than most bands had during the day.

Look for huge things from We As Human next year as they’ll be off the road for most of 2015 finishing up their new record.

If you haven’t been to Kingdom Come Festival before, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a free rock festival for a good cause and run by great people and a good Ministry. With We As Human wrapping up day 1, there was still another day of music ahead of everyone with Filthy Rags, Tommy Jajduk, Grapevine Fires, Love Collide, Montae Clark, Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome, Estoria, Every Knee Shall Bow, All Changes Apply, Shawn Browning, 3 Times Driven, Grave Robber, Shinebright, Lights Go Down and The Protest all set to close things out.

-Reggie Edwards

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