Kill the Lights Share Another Previously Unreleased Song With \”Voices\”

Kill the Lights, which features former members of Bullet for My Valentine and Throw the Fight, released their debut album The Sinner, last year on Fearless Records. The band and record were lauded for \”statement songs\” (Distorted Sound) and for being \”broad in scope and technically accomplished in its execution\” (Sonic Perspectives). Last month, Kill the Lights returned to share the crushing and previously unreleased song from The Sinner sessions called \”Chasing Shadows.\” Listen here or here. Today, the band has unveiled another ferocious track from those same sessions with \”Voices,\” and it\’s a two horns up anthem that demonstrates the band\’s ability to mix both modern and classic metal styles in a seamless way. Listen and watch the visualizer here. \”\’Voices\’ is a song about believing in yourself even when everyone else doubts you,\” the band explains. \”The song is a huge \’F you\’ to the people in your life that constantly tell you that you are not good enough. The song is a battle cry to those of you that feel that you don\’t have a voice and that nobody hears you. It\’s about standing up for yourself and staying true to yourself and your dreams every day.\” Stay tuned for more from Kill the Lights in 2022. KILL THE LIGHTS: James Clark — Vocals (ex-Throw The Fight) Jordan Whelan — Guitar (Still Remains) Michael \”Moose\” Thomas — Drums (ex-Bullet For My Valentine) Jay James — Bass (ex-Bullet For My Valentine) Travis Montgomery — Guitar (ex-Threat Signal)