Kill Devil Hill Reveals Album Cover Art by British Dark Artist Mister Sam Shearon and Track Listing for “Seas Of Oblivion” 

The artwork for Kill Devil Hill’s third full-length release, “Seas Of Oblivion”, was created by legendary dark artist Mister Sam Shearon who has worked with rock royalty such as Filter, Ministry, Slayer, Rob Zombie, Pantera, Jason Charles Miller and Iron Maiden. The upcoming album by Kill Devil Hill, Seas Of Oblivion,  is set to release on September 20. 

“Kill Devil Hill is one of those bands that comes along once in a while and re-energizes your brain!” -Mister Sam Shearon, artist (Filter, Ministry, Slayer, Rob Zombie, Pantera, Jason Charles Miller and Iron Maiden). Mister Sam Shearon adds, “I’ve been a fan of the band since their inception, and so to create another album sleeve package for them was a sincere honor.

“This time around, we went big on the package artwork and included portraits of each band member in a pirate-war vibe, with a few visual Easter eggs thrown into the mix for each band member.”

The”Seas Of Oblivion album cover art stands as a testament to Mister Sam Shearon’s brilliance and his ability to create captivating visuals that complement and enhance the musical experience. His contribution to the album not only adds aesthetic value but also serves as a visual gateway, inviting listeners to explore and immerse themselves in the sonic journey that awaits them. 

Mister Sam Shearon’s exceptional work on the “Seas Of Oblivion” album cover art is just one example of his immense talent and the impact he has made in the realm of album cover design. His contributions to the music industry continue to inspire and captivate artists and fans alike, making him an integral part of the visual storytelling that accompanies musical masterpieces.

Kill Devil Hill includes Dewey Bragg on vocals, Mark Zavon on guitar, Johnny Kelly on drums (Type O Negative), and Matt Snell (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) on bass. Kill Devil Hill combines gut-punching guitar riffs and hard-hitting vocals to create a uniquely modern take on classic doom and metal. 

In reference to the Seas Of Oblivion  artwork:

Mark Zavon shares, “Originally, the name Kill Devil Hill came from the legends of Carreibean pirates, so we decided to use that as the conceptual foundation for “Seas Of Oblivion”. With that in mind, we knew that Sam was going to be a perfect fit. His work has a very dark edge, which was exactly the type of imagery we were looking for. We have worked with Sam on previous projects, so we knew he would go the extra mile to make the art for this release fantastic.”

Dewey Bragg adds, “Mister Sam Shearon is a highly talented and renowned artist who has made significant contributions to the world of album cover art. His exceptional skills and unique artistic vision have captivated audiences across various genres, including music, literature, and film. One notable example of Sam Shearon’s remarkable work is his contribution to the Seas of Oblivion album cover art. Shearon’s creativity and attention to detail shine through in this mesmerizing piece. Through his intricate illustrations and masterful use of color, he has managed to visually capture the essence and atmosphere of the music contained within the album.” 

Dewey goes on to say, “Sam Shearon’s ability to translate the emotions and themes of an album into a visual representation is truly remarkable. His talent lies in his ability to create captivating imagery that resonates with both the musicians and the audience. With each stroke of his brush or pen, he manages to bring the music to life, enhancing the overall experience and immersing the viewer in a world of imagination.”

Track List for Seas of Oblivion: 

Blood In The Water

Before The Devil Knows

Playing With Fire


Pharmaceutical Sunshine

Eye Of The Storm

Darkest Days

The Bitter End

The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea

Seize The Day

You Can’t Kill Me California

From The Ashes

Stranger Than Fiction

Seas Of Oblivion

Solitude (Black Sabbath)