Khaos: Risen review

Khaos\’ second album, Risen, proves the full measure of their fresh interpretation of alternative. It is a solid, fully realized justification of their sound, which blends the softer side of nineties grunge with the softer side of eighties progressive. That is, they are vocally and structurally reminiscent of Alice in Chains and as musically sound as Dream Theater (well, okay, reminiscent). They are clearly a band of fans, but they are not without personality. Tracks like “Exalted” and “End of Moon” are schmaltzy and illustrate just how callow Chandler Mogel\’s voice is. I\’m afraid it doesn\’t ever find a place in front of the band. And when it does, reverberated layers hold it up. That\’s doesn\’t mean he isn\’t talented; however, his voice doesn\’t adequately inform the music. Khaos boasts that their name stems from the idea of creative destruction for sake of creative reinvention. They do indeed have a unique sound. They are almost radio-friendly. What keeps them from that elevation also lifts them: their complex musical structures and their lyrical prowess. If they dumbed the music down, their frontman might fit; if their frontman relied more heavily upon the strengths of his hooks and less upon the intrigue of this narration (see “Static Windows”) this band may yet have their big break. This second album is solid. They are growing, even if they are not yet there. It keeps my interested, anyway. Rating: 6.5/10 -Andrew Harris