There is no doubt that Kelly Price is a heavy weight in the music industry as she has ranked with some of R&B’s most talented singers including Faith Evans, Ron Isley, R. Kelly, the late and great Whitney Houston among others. Over the years Price has given us some hits that has made us think, fall in love, strength to move on from a bad relationship all the way to dealing with a cheating mate. Now that Mrs. Price is back with ‘Sing, Pray, Love’ this album will be no different without a doubt as she has never let us down. The album opens with the leading single and my summer 2014 theme song, “It’s My Time.” This upbeat song puts all of the drama on pause and allows you to realize your purpose and gives you a sense of motivation to make your dreams come true. For the couples who are currently going through a dry spell in their romance life, “Back To Love” which features a duet with American Idol alumni Ruben Studdard will give you some encouragement. A  Kelly Price album would not be complete without a male bashing song and “Think Again” is just that song. This song tells the story about a woman who chooses to go back to a broken relationship just to make sure she made the right decision to leave in the first place. Ladies, we have all said some things to our man that we regret but sometimes it’s a little too late to take those things back and song “Last Night” reminds us to watch what we say. Price does remake an R&B classic with her own rendition of “Through The Fire” which was originally sang by Chaka Kahn. For the ladies who have always been confident when approaching a man, will love “Never Been Scared” as it takes you on a twist of how you truly can be scared to love when that right man comes along and you don’t want to mess it up. ‘Sing, Pray, Love’ is an overall good album to vibe to. In recent years we have seen Price transition her career to Gospel music and even reality television and oftentimes wondered when we would go back to the “You Should’ve Told Me” days of Kelly Price. This album does bring us back to the original Kelly Price we grew to love. Every track on this album provides something for every emotion in love as it takes you on an R&B emotional rollercoaster. There is no doubt that this album will score some awards for music award season this year as Price has nothing further to prove because her vocal talent takes over and surpasses what naysayers may think of her. Rating: 9/10 -Samantha Pounds