K. Michelle’s Rebellious Soul is the ‘Womanifesto’ of the year

K. Michelle’s Rebellious Soul is the ‘Womanifesto’ of the year Ladies, when is the last time you had a real conversation with yourself? Like most women, you’ve probably avoided talking ‘real’ with yourself because you’re afraid of what yourself may actually think about yourself. Weird huh? For great conversation starters with your own self, listen to K. Michelle’s debut LP, “Rebellious Soul.” The oftentimes filthy mouthed K. Michelle is known for table flipping, girl fights and being the talk of the latest drama in the hit VH1 series Love and Hip Hop. Unlike her counterparts on the reality show, K. Michelle has been very candid about her past abusive relationship, her failed music career and the topic many women like to discuss with their girlfriends—sex. While some musicians aren’t too keen of singing about past life failures in their music selections, K. Michelle opens her music diary and puts it all into perspective, giving fans an inside look.  Prior to listening to the album, I already had my prejudged opinions about K. Michelle. Like many, I thought the raucous singer was too catty and probably had just an ‘ok’ sound. I also thought she was dropped from her previous record label for being too ‘in your face’ and her ‘it’s me against the world’ mentality. Boy was I wrong. For starters, K. Michelle actually has a great singing voice. Her first released single for the album, “V.S.O.P.” samples the old school song, “Very Special” by Debra Laws and actually gives you a taste of what the album is about. “Rebellious Soul” isn’t a male bashing album, but a ‘How to Deal with Bullshit’ guide in relationships that women face. Let’s say you are in a relationship with a man and its going good, and you want to put it on him so good that you need to be tipped afterwards—“Pay My Bills” is the anthem you’ll want to hear as it provides an interesting look at how men forget the power of the female organs. After a relationship has ended do you wonder why you stayed as long as you did? Ladies, “Sometimes” is the track we can all identify with because sometimes we still love him and sometimes we still hate him. Sometimes we think about his mother—even though we really didn’t like her. K. Michelle is known for being an emotional wreck at times and “I Don’t Like Me” proves just that. The song gives you a ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t’ approach when it comes to being in a relationship with a man who truly doesn’t feel the same way as you do.  It’s a scientific fact that men mature later on in life than women do. “Can’t Raise a Man” adds to the research that has already been proven by science.  The first verse starts off as, “he got older, but never grew, for his life he can’t tell the truth.” Ladies, take a second to be honest with yourself and admit that you’ve been with a man just like this at least once. The album shifts a bit with “Hate on Her” as the track adds some perspective on being the side piece of a relationship and why you can’t really hate her.  If you ever wondered why K. Michelle is the way she is, listen to “My Life” featuring rapper Meek Mill. The former stripper guides you into her past growing up on the rough streets of Memphis and seeing a few people get shot. Regardless of your opinion of K. Michelle, you have to admit that every woman has a little K. Michelle in her rather she shows it or not. We can be feisty, catty, sexy, obsessed and emotional all wrapped in one package. This album is the womanifesto of the year because it takes a look at one issue that all women can identify with—men. Rating: 9/10 -Samantha Pounds