K. Michelle: Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? review

VH1 fans of the Love and Hip Hop series must brace themselves, as the sultry and oftentimes foul-mouthed K. Michelle, who once starred in the franchise, has released a new album, new attitude and outlook on the subject of love. The “Can’t Raise a Man” singer is now asking fans ‘Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?’ (AWBAH) with her latest release as she questions men, relationship stability and even the path she has taken with her own life. In true K. Michelle fashion, she always gives you two sides of her—the explicit version or the clean side. Of course I went for the kill and decided to give the explicit version of AWBAH a try. I am still stuck on the Memphis native’s last album, ‘Rebellious Soul,’ so I was anxiously anticipating the album’s material and “give it to em’ straight” attitude. Boy was I surprised. The album opens up with “Judge Me” and K. Michelle makes it a point to say that only God himself can judge her and it’s not her fault that she says the things we wish we could truly say out loud.Going Under” is a pretty dope song because some of the lyrics are derived from one of Hip Hop’s most beloved songs, “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. As I stated earlier, I went for the kill and decided to give the explicit version a try, and AWBAH does get a bit explicit with “Hard To Do.” One of my favorite songs on this album hands down is “Love Em’ All.” This song gives you the air guitar feel like as if you are in a live concert playing along with K. Michelle. In all honesty, K. Michelle speaks for many