Jungle Rot: Skin the Living (re-issue) review

\"Skin by Phillip Coon Back in 2011, death metal band Jungle Rot signed with Victory Records. With a metal sound full of hellish fury, Jungle Rot are looking to turn more people into believers of the band. To help with this, Victory Records re-issued Jungle Rot’s debut album Skin the Living on February 19. Originally released in 1996, Skin the Living is an album that helped propel the band from Kenosha, Wis. into a well-known name in the death metal scene. Skin the Living will make you feel like you are taking a trip to hell and back. Heavy guitar sounds, banging drums, and growling almost chant like vocals can be heard in songs “Demon Souls,” “Eternal Agony,” and “Awaiting the End.” Jungle Rot have shown they have what it takes to become notable names in the history of death metal and having a re-issue of their debut album is quite an accomplishment. Rating: 8/10