Judas Priest- Epitaph review

\"Judas by Reggie Edwards Legendary British Metallers Judas Priest recently capped their Epitaph World Tour, and to celebrate the critically acclaimed tour, the band is releasing a DVD capturing the essence of the tour. This DVD, showcasing the final show of the Epitaph World Tour does a stellar job of showing the band at their best. Judas Priest, after 40 years, still have it. You would think it was 30 years ago just by watching their energy, stage presence and sound. Rob Halford is in classic form here as well, with his vocals better than ever and showing off the classic S/M leather and studs as much as ever. New guitarist Richie Faulkner is a perfect fit for the band and there’s no example better than Epitaph. If you aren’t familiar with the band you’d think he’s been a member for decades. The setlist is impressive here as well with Priest playing at least one song from every album they’ve ever released, including their 1974 debut, Rocka Rolla and their latest, 2008’s Nostradamus– playing a hauntingly face-melting rendition of the title track with Halford clothed in a gigantic robe hiding his face and holding a giant medieval staff- a performance that puts the song right up there with the band’s greatest songs. After a set that exceeds two hours, Priest cap off the night with their two biggest songs- “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’” and “Living After Midnight-“ thus ending an amazing concert and a great World Tour. If you’re a fan of the Priest, classic metal, British metal or just good metal altogether, you absolutely had better go pick this DVD up when it releases on May 28 and let the metal live on. Rating: 10/10