Josh Turner brings Punching Bag to Carmel


by Reggie Edwards

Josh Turner is undoubtedly one of the biggest acts in country music today, which is why it came as no surprise when he sold out Carmel, Indiana’s Center for the Performing Arts Padallium.

Turner is currently on The Punching Bag Tour in support of his latest release, Punching Bag, which debuted at number 1 \"\"
on the country charts, so there was obviously a lot of hype when he came to town.

The set opened with three screens above the stage showing footage of legendary boxing and wrestling ring announcer, Michael Buffer, announcing what looked like a prime time fight, but instead of announcing fighters, he announced Josh Turner.

Then the lights went up, the band started playing and Turner walked on stage, met by the overwhelming screams of thousands of crazed female fans (to some people, Turner is the hottest singer in music- in more than one way).

Anyway, Turner started off with the title track from the Punching Bag record and went straight into a stream of fan favorites which included “All Over Me,” “As Fast as I Could” and “Haywire.”

Turner didn’t just sing that night, though; he made the crowd laugh numerous times while talking and joking with the band and audience.

He mentioned that at first it was hard for him to say the name of the city they were playing in, Carmel, because back where he’s from, they pronounce it “Caramel,” but that he was quickly corrected that day.

He also added that this was his first show back after a two week break, and when you tour as much as he does, it can be hard to remember everything, so he thanked the fans for being patient.

Turner made sure everyone in the crowd went home happy by playing pretty much all of his hits- “Would You Go With Me,” “Why Don’t We Just Dance,” “Time is Love,” “Long Black Train,” and “I Wouldn’t Be a Man” all found a place in his set list and brought the crowd to its feet at numerous times (I come from the rock scene so it made me feel
more at home when people stood).

Turner took a few more breaks from singing to talk to the fans. He introduced every member of his band, throwing in jokes about each member of the band, including his wife on keyboard, who he joked with,
making the crowd laugh.


He also took time to thank tour sponsor, Cracker Barrel, who had an exclusive meet-and-greet, which he joked about by saying the girls from Cracker Barrel wanted him to sign the inside of their CD booklets rather than the cover, which he is still confused about.

Turner’s stage included three giant screens towering over the stage, which showed beautiful nature shots, music videos and, during “Me and God,” gave the illusion of the crowd being in a giant cathedral or church building.

He definitely didn\’t disappoint the fans who paid their well-earned money to attend. Anyone who’s a fan of Turner or just good country music would love Turner live and should definitely check him out, which shouldn\’t be too difficult as his Punching Bag Tour is just underway.