Jon McLaughlin- Promising Promises

\"\" by Samantha Pounds When I listen to music, I typically listen to artists that I know and genres that I’m comfortable with – point blank. However, with Jon McLaughlin’s new forthcoming studio album Promising Promises, I decided to put my boxing gloves on and take a jab at the CD hoping it would peak my interest.  To my surprise, the album not only sparked my interest, it added a new favorite tune to my IPod playlist. The album’s first single, “Summer Is Over” featuring Sara Bareilles provides not only an up-tempo sound, but the telling of a love story. When listening to songs such as “You Never Know” and “What I Want,” you’ll completely feel as if you’re at a live concert thanks to the great instrument sounds these songs provide. I must admit “Falling” had me speechless, particularly at the beginning of the song when the intro featured a snippet of a piano rift, which will lead you to believe it’s another love song, only more romantically. For those looking for a soft tempo song, you’ll particularly enjoy “I’ll Follow You” which McLaughlin’s singing range and voice is quite exceptional.  The music choice that’s on this album is very good. All of the songs featured are well written, as McLaughlin relates to common everyday issues in relationships to love at first sight. Midway through this album I was forced to take my boxing gloves off and simply enjoy the album. Although I wouldn’t dance to this CD, however I would serenade my significant other with some of the songs featured on the album. Out of all the songs on this CD, the one that many listeners will enjoy is the album’s first single, “Summer Is Over.” In particular, this overall was my favorite song on the entire CD as well. Rating: 7/10 Release: May 22, 2012