John Schlitt- The Greater Cause

\"\"by Reggie Edwards Legendary rocker John Schlitt is back with The Greater Cause, his first release since The Grafting in 2008. Let me tell you, this is one of his best solo releases since Shake. From the onset of the first song, “Live it Loud,” I knew Schlitt had something amazing up his sleeve. There was just something about the feel of the song. I think The Greater Cause really picks up on track three, “Love Won’t Leave Me Alone.” This one has all the hard rock sound we’ve grown to love from Schlitt but he also throws in some bluesy rock guitar sounds and the song has a beat and rhythm that makes you wanna just move to the music. For Petra fans, it’s great to see Schlitt going back to the sound of Jeckyll and Hyde and for Schlitt fans, it’s great to see him back to his Shake sound. Lyrically The Greater Cause has a very spiritual message that in this world it’s ever more important for Christians to stick to their guns and to not just show a better way but to pave the way and live by example. There’s something for everyone on this one- even though it’s very rock-oriented, there’s also a few ballads on the record as well. One of the ballads that stick out is “Where I Wanna Be,” which is also one of the two lead singles that have been released along with “Hope That Saves the World.” This is a ballad that talks poses the question- what if the world was the way God meant it to be? What if we all lived with love and showed love to one another? That’s where I wanna be, says Schlitt in this song. This is what we’ve been waiting for from Schlitt. The Grafting was absolutely amazing but this is a step up and can be ranked up there with some of his best Petra work. Rating: 9/10 Release Date: May 8, 2012