Joe Marson debut\’s video for first single, \”My Love Is A Cannibal\” from Electric Soul Magic Vol. II

Los Angeles-based alternative soul rocker Joe Marson has made waves with the release of his latest tracks, \”No Retreat\” and the politically-fueled, \”Explore/Explode,\” leaving fans anticipating his next big move. Today, Marson is answering that call as he announces the official release date of his forthcoming EP, Electric Soul Magic Vol. II, set for April 14, 2017. The second installment in a series of EP releases Marson has planned, Electric Soul Magic Vol. II features six soulful tracks infused with blues, rock and grunge, each packing a unique punch paired with the songwriter\’s soaring vocals. With this announcement, Marson released this statement:
\”Electric Soul Magic Vol. II is the second installment in a series of ongoing EPs that focus on the music I\’ve been making for the past year. I have a pretty large collection of recordings that ranges from balls-to-the-wall rock and roll, such as \”Float With It\” or \”My Love Is A Cannibal,\” to very soft acoustic folk songs, which will be coming out in later volumes. Volume II is a collection of harder edged songs that go together more in terms of things I\’ve been doing recently and am extremely excited about, rather than any sort of common thematic thread – other than the usual motifs about love and light within existential darkness. You know, the usual bar conversations. \” – Joe Marson
National touring artist, and 2015 Guitar Center Competition Finalist Joe Marson is master in the art of melding soul and rock. Making it to the Top 5 out of 14,000 submissions, he won over $10,000 in gear from Guitar Center…as well as winning over audience members and fans all over the world. Melded together with guitar riffs that evoke Hendrix\’s essence, Marson creates timeless music that bridges the gap between the influential decades that inspire his songwriting. These elements can be heard in some of the songs he\’s had placed in major films like Marvel\’s Deadpool as well as popular television series like FX\’s Justified and Netflix\’s Bloodline.
To get a taste of what\’s to come from Joe Marson\’s Electric Soul Music Vol. II, head to Spotifyor Soundcloudto stream \”Explore/Explode\” and \”No Retreat,\” and watch the official music video for \”No Retreat\” on YouTube here. Follow Joe Marson online for new music, upcoming shows, and more.

 Check out \”My Love Is A Cannibal\” below