JINJER Releases \”Retrospection\” Live Video

Ukraine\’s busiest groove metal machine JINJER are back with their brand new single \”Retrospection (Live)\”, taken from their upcoming live album: Alive In Melbourne, which will be released on November 20, 2020 via Napalm Records. The live album and subsequent videos were filmed on March 5th this year during their debut Australian tour with the pandemic hot on the heels of their Macro World Tour, which would sadly, along with the rest of the musical landscape come to a screeching halt a week after the Melbourne set was captured for on film. Still, with JINJER\’s sheer will, drive, determination and never give up attitude they were able to turn the madness of this year into a positive. Bassist Eugene Abdukhanov comments: It‘s still pretty incredible that 4 Ukrainians travelled 14,770 km just to sing in their native language … to the welcoming ears, eyes and open arms of Melbourne. This night will forever be burned in our hearts and the beat of \”Retrospection\” fit that night like never before. Shows like this should happen each time we perform and we cannot wait to get back on tour to make sure that happens every night. Until then just enjoy this moment in time called Alive In Melbourne\” Despite the Global Pandemic, JINJER have managed to stay busier than before and besides releasing their debut live album, they toured Germany and Switzerland in September becoming the first non-European band to tour across borders during the age of Covid-19 and they are also currently filming videos for all remaining tracks on their previously released album Macro. Things are looking great for JINJER right now. Alive In Melbourne is now available for pre-order and will be released in various lavish limited editions, listed below.
Watch \”Retrospection\” HERE
Alive In Melbourne Tracklist 01. Intro 02. Teacher, Teacher! 03. Sit Stay Roll Over 04. Ape 05. Judgement & Punishment 06. I Speak Astronomy 07. Who Is Gonna Be The One 08. Noah 09. Retrospection 10. Perennial 11. On The Top 12. Pit Of Consciousness 13. Home Back 14. Words Of Wisdom 15. Pisces 16. Captain Clock 17. Outro