Jimmy Eat World- Feel review

\"DamageJimmy Eat World are one of those bands, who, over the years have quietly put out great albums. In fact, they may be the most underrated rock band still around today. It’s hard to tell why they haven’t gotten the credit they deserve over the years and their latest record, Damage, is a prime example of yet another great album from Jimmy Eat World. Fans always seem to love records and music that are about pain, hardships, trials and all of that stuff. Damage is the latest anthem for this side of life. It’s also some of the most peaceful pain-infused music released in some time. On the surface we have some calm rock music that’s loaded with acoustic melodies. Then when you hone in on the lyrics you can tell they were going through some serious stuff when they were writing this album- if not, they’re pretty good actors and can channel this side of themselves very well. Songs like “Damage” and “I Will Steal You Back” are perfect examples. It’s all here- great production, great song writing, great instrumentals- the album was put together perfectly. If you’re a Jimmy Eat World fan or just a fan of acoustic and soft music, this will be a TKO for you. Damage will definitely go down in history as one of the absolute best records Jimmy Eat World have released in their career. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards