Jessica Prouty Band- Set Me Free review

\"Set by Reggie Edwards Jessica Prouty Band are set to release their latest single, “Set Me Free,” a song that will most likely hit home for many people and that will be an instant fan favorite. Set for a March 25 release and featuring a gritty, hard-hitting guitar sound and a blistering vocal performance from Prouty herself, “Set Me Free,” is a single that will garner much radio airplay. Whether it’s the day-to-day grind, the trials that life brings us or simply depression, “Set Me Free” is the anthem for anyone dealing with those troubles and others as well. Talking about wanting to be free from the pain that’s inside, this is a song that fires on all levels- lyrically, musically and emotionally. If the full-length album is anything like the single, we’re in for a great listen from Jessica Prouty Band.