JD- JD\’s Testimony

by Reggie Edwards Christian rapper JD’s latest record, JD’s Testimony, is not your typical Christian rap album. JD is the owner of Dark Servant Enterprise, a\"\" ministry that goes into the darkest places of cities and witnesses to the people who need it most. So how is this record different than others in the Christian rap scene? The lyrics are so in your face that JD makes you take a step back and re-evaluate your own Christian faith.  Songs like the opener, “Numb from Pain,” are almost like JD calling out the modern-day church. The song starts with a man talking about how he won’t even step foot in a church because all they do is judge him and tear him down. Then the chorus hits- “You don’t love me, all you do is judge me-” Very honest and open. The lyrical content of the record is immaculate and you can tell he’s truly cares and believes in the music he puts out, which is one of the most important factors in the quality of an album. A lot of Christians would probably get upset and/or offended by JD’s honesty but he does an amazing job at telling his fellow believers what we need to hear. I commend him on this because I feel there needs to be more of this. Rating: 8/10