Janelle Monae delivers an electrifying dose of music in The Electric Lady

She’s funky, young and has a sound like no other. Janelle Monae may not be your typical soul musician, but she has garnered success through her quirky sounds and signature tuxedo wearing style. The 28-year-old singer makes no apologies for her sound or style and has shut all of the haters down with her latest, “The Electric Lady.”

Monae is a six time nominated Grammy singer and has collaborated with artists such as Prince, Miguel, Solange Knowles, Esperanza Spalding and Erykah Badu just to name a few. Alongside for being known as the “Queen of Tuxes,” the pompadour hair style wearing singer is known for her electric sounds which show greatly in her current album.

If you have previously listened to her debut album, “The ArchAndroid,” then you will realize early on that this album is an extended version of the first album. Listening to this album makes you believe that you are in a musical production—The Wizard of Oz particularly.  The 19 track produced “musical” takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of music track by track.

If you are a Knowles Family fan, then listen to the album’s title track, “Electric Lady,” which features a rap verse from Beyonce’s little sister, Solange Knowles. If you are wondering what an ‘Electric Lady’ is, just know that it is a woman with super powers!

Miguel adds his sexy signature voice in “PrimeTime” which will place you in a euphoric state of mind as you think about being happy in love with your significant other. “Can’t Live Without Your Love” is a follow up track that will continue your euphoric state of mind only it will leave you feeling somewhat obsessed with your lover.

“Dorothy Dandridge Eyes” shifts the album around a bit with a jazzy sound that you can easily dance to. Monae is very reminiscent of Erykah Badu, as both paired together in “Q.U.E.E.N.” Honestly, both sound just alike that you will have to pause a second to pay attention to who is singing what verse.

This album has something for every genre lover. “Give Em What They Love” featuring Prince is a head nod track that brings out your inner rebellious soul and will have you playing your air guitar. If you twerked your ass off to Juciy J’s, “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” then listen to Monae’s version, “Dance Apocalyptic.” This song will throw you back a few eras when dance tracks were clean and you could shake your rump in front of your grandparents.

This album does mix r&b, pop, jazz, rock and roll all in one into the wonderful music world of Janelle Monae. Don’t dismiss this album out of your category of music fixes as it will take you on a low, melodramatic high, a climax and the ultimate end. “The Electric Lady” is certainly a sequel of what is yet to come from Monae in future music releases.

Rating: 8/10