James LaBrie releases digital EP I Will Not Break

James LaBrie releases digital EP, \”I Will Not Break\”   today via InsideOut Music Following up on the success of his recent studio album, \”Impermanent Resonance\”, Dream Theater\’s James LaBrie released a 9 song Digital EP entitled \”I Will Not Break\” today. Check out the EP\’s title-track \”I Will Not Break\” in a static video via the IOM YouTube channel here: http://youtu.be/Nj8aAo3O06E   TRACK LISTING: 1. I Will Not Break (3:52) 2. Unraveling (3:31) 3. Why (3:45) 4. Coming Home (Alternate Mix) (4:23) 5. Jekyll Or Hyde (Demo) (3:48) 6. Just Watch Me (Demo) (4:17) 7. I Tried (Jason Miller Re-mix) (5:13) 8. Over The Edge (Mutrix Re-mix) (4:33) 9. Euphoric (NeonGenesis Re-mix) (4:41)