Jade discusses The Dollhouse, dominating the Knockouts division

In TNA, The Dollhouse is the latest team to emerge, wreaking havoc on the Knockouts Division. They made their first mark of dominance on the TKO Edition of Impact! Wrestling, interfering in a no-disqualification match between Awesome Kong and current Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell, helping Terrell defeat Kong. On last week’s live edition of the show, they teamed with Terrell to take on Awesome Kong and Gail Kim in a 3-on-2 handicap match in which they were victorious and Jade- one half of The Dollhouse recently took time to talk to us about what they have in store for the rest of the Knockouts. FRR: You had the live edition of Impact last week and you Marty Bell, Taryn Terrell Gale Kong and, of course, like we all thought you would, you all came out on top. Jade: Of course we did! FRR: Of course. We all saw it coming. How are you feeling about the match? It was a 3 on 2 handicap match so the odds were kind of against your favor to start and obviously you came out on top. Jade: Well, I knew we were going to come out on top because Marti, Taryn, and I know each other so well that first of all Taryn doesn’t have to get her hands dirty because she’s the one with the gold and we have to do what we can to protect our best friend and it’s against Gail and Kong. Kong is scary but we’re faster anyways. Its 3 vs 2, what is there to worry about? Nothing. We handled it. We handled the situation FRR: So a couple of weeks ago you recruited Taryn into the Dollhouse. How did that come about and why bring Taryn in? Jade: She’s the one that wanted us. She is the mastermind and she is the queen and Marty and I have actually been friends for many, many years so we weren’t going to leave each other’s side. So when Taryn approached us about everything, of course we were going to be all on board. It was a magical seed in Taryn’s mind that flourished into the Dollhouse, and look how dominating we are now. FRR: Undefeated! Exactly! And it’s going to stay that way FRR: You guys have Brooke and Rebel this week. Is that going to be another 3 on 2 or just yourself and Marti? Jade: No. I think Taryn needs to relax a little bit so it’s just going to be Marti and I against Brooke and Rebel. We’re just going to play for a little bit. We’re just going to have a little play date and we’ll see if they can play nice and if not we’ll see what happens. Let’s just hope that they’re nice little toys that we can play with. FRR: The vignettes had been planned for a minute and we all wondered what the Dollhouse was going to be. We didn’t know what you’d have in store for us and you’ve kind of taken TNA by storm. How has it been for you since you debuted compared to expectations you had coming in to TNA? Jade: It’s awesome. Like I said, just being there with my best friend Marti, we don’t leave each other’s side. It’s nice being able to come in with somebody that I’ve known for years and somebody that I fully trust. It’s just comforting to know that at least we’re not alone, at least we have each other. Especially with being in the Dollhouse it’s like having our own little dollhouse and playing and having fun. That’s all we want to do is just have fun, so if that means standing over unconscious bodies, that’s fun. FRR: Is it Jawbreakers that you were putting in Kristie’s and Awesome-Kong’s after you take them out? How did that come about and what is that that you’re putting in there? Jade: It’s a jaw-breaker, so it’s a little token for having a fun play date. ‘Here, have some candy, thanks. Have some candy.’ At least when they wake up they have something sweet to taste! FRR: Was there any pressure on you having one of your first matches with TNA live on the live edition of Impact? Does that put pressure on you as a performer? Jade: I try not to think of it until the day of because I get nervous and anxious and worried but it was my first live event on TV and the morning of it was very scary but like I said Marti keeps me calm, she’s my balance. It was a lot of fun. It wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I thought it was going to be, we had a lot of fun. FRR: I could tell. You’re really just having fun, basically just having a lot of fun beating the hell out of everybody in the Knockouts division. This week you’ve got Rebel and Brook. How do you prepare for them? We had the TKO Knockouts edition a couple of weeks ago. Do you do anything different to prepare for Angelina Love or anyone like that? Jade: I know Rebel is coming back from an injury so we study up on that so we make sure her injury stays healed, I guess. Why do we want them to come back? Then they run their mouths all over twitter and all online so we use that for our little ammo and like I said, Marty and I, we know each other, we know what we can do and what we bring to the table and so we’ll just see what happens, we’ll just play with them. It’s not a fight, it’s not a street fight or anything. We’re just playing FRR: It’s a play date! It’s more fun for you, but it’s a play date! Jade: Exactly! FRR: You mentioned Twitter. Social media has changed the wrestling industry in so many ways. How has it affected you as a professional wrestler? Jade: I’m a big social media person. I love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, I love all that stuff. I’m it also helps me keep connected with my family. As far as wrestling it helps me specifically because it allows me to network a lot easier, stay in connection with people that I see once a month, once every couple of months see what they’re doing, how they are, things like that, and also to get my name out there. For example “hey, this Friday Destination America at 9” I can tweet that and x amount of people will see it so I think it actually helps the wrestling business very, very much because it’s a lot easier than having to spend money on commercials or newspaper clippings or magazine ads and stuff like that. FRR: I feel like TNA has done a really good job of embracing the social media aspect of wrestling- they had the social media live tweet episode. I feel like it’s helping the brand as well. One thing TNA does is they allow you to do indie dates which I know you have a lot of experience and success on the indie circuit. How does that help you and work to your advantage? Jade: I love the independents and it’s nice to have that freedom to know for example when I go to an indie show whether it’s Shine or Shimmer it’s a reunion so it’s nice to be able to see my friends, wrestle my friends, and be able to practice with any new challenges that come up, nice to be able to practice in front of a live crowd. It’s nice to know that I have that freedom and be able to work on certain things and stay in connection with everybody. FRR: Awesome. I assume that can do nothing but help when you come back to TNA because working the indie promotions allows you to pick up some things you didn’t know and work out some kinks before going to TV as well. Jade: Absolutely. FRR: Going back to TNA, who would you like to face the most out of everybody? Jade: I would like an individual match with Gail. I think she is talented but I think we would have a very, very interesting, fun play date. FRR: I think so. That could end up being one of the better matchups on the show. Gail is one of the most decorated on TNA, and yourself one of the best new knockouts. What is the overall plan and goal of the Dollhouse? Jade: I’m hoping, actually I know this will happen, but that everyone will know who we are, will know that the dollhouse is a national name and no one will forget us. We’re going to make sure that our jaw-breakers everybody has a taste of the jaw breakers but we’re definitely just trying to take over and make sure nobody messes with us and knows who the Dollhouse are. FRR: Nice. And it won’t take long, you’ve already made an impact. I feel like most people already have an idea. This Friday we’ve got the Dollhouse taking on Rebel and Brooke, and of course you’re going to beat them, not much of a match there! Jade: You’re so smart!