J Moss: Grown Folks Gospel review

When I first heard that gospel artist J Moss was releasing a new album titled Grown Folks Gospel I was beyond flabbergasted and excited all at the same time. Modern day gospel music fans are very much use to the fast pace gospel songs that allow you the opportunity to praise and worship but never think of it as being sexy. I have followed J Moss for a long time and when artwork for his new album began circulating around social media, it intrigued me even more to want to explore this new found J Moss compared to what I was used to seeing of him. I can’t lie; Moss looks good and gives gospel music a new fresh look and sound. The album opens with “Your Work” which is a very catchy track and ultimately sets the tone for the entire album which in a way is very sexy. In many ways, you will actually believe that Moss is singing about loving a woman but once you really listen to the words of the song, it’s apparent that he is talking about God loving him instead. R&B singer Faith Evans has been making her rounds this year as she recently released a new album and she can also be heard on the track “You Make Me Feel.” In direct J Moss style, “Pour Into Me” is certainly a catchy song because not only is he a good singer but also a good story teller and his lyrics directly reflects that full heartedly without doubt. The album offers a few more collaborations including “Nothing” with legendary gospel artist, PJ Morton who has always made headlines as sounding more main stream in recent times. I admire that J Moss can sing in different ranges and with song, “It Is What It Is,” Moss sings the entire song in a high falsetto tone and he gets it just right without it seeming to be too much or overbearing. Good music is also good motivation for me personally, and to give me the motivation edge I need especially when in the gym, “Hanging On” hits the spot just right. The fast paced song can be played while trying to maneuver a few more reps in the gym, for the steppers looking to add a few more steps to their routine or the skaters looking to vibe on their wheels. J Moss has an interesting way of naming the songs on this new album and song, “Alright Ok” is just that—interesting. I honestly enjoyed Grown Folks Gospel as it offered a new prospective of gospel music and the traditional ways we are used to hearing it in. The album offered a lot including high paced, subtleness and happiness all in music format. Needless to say, if you are looking for something different and edgy, Grown Folks Gospel is worth a listen to. I can also ensure you that we will begin to see a trend of gospel music where it will become more edgy and even sexier in a sense. Grown Folks Gospel certainly gets my approval. Rating: 10/10 -Samantha Pounds