iwrestledabearonce: Late for Nothing review

\"LateWith their third album, Late for Nothing, iwrestledabearonce see some change at the helm with Krysta Cameron relieving her role to have a baby. Enter Courtney LaPlante, who fits in perfectly and brings a great voice an already-stellar-sounding band. With outlandish song titles and meshing metalcore, jazz, grindcore, electronica, popcore and heavy metal, Late for Nothing is exactly what we would expect from IWABO on their latest release- they use that signature IWABO sound and take it to just enough of another level to keep us on our toes. There’s no doubt long-time IWABO fans will feel right at home while those who have never heard one of their songs will be hooked like a large-mouth bass during fishing season. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards