Islander: Violence and Destruction review

Last year Islander emerged onto the scene with their debut EP, Pains., released via Victory Records. They didn’t just emerge, they exploded and there was no stopping them. Pains. was so well-done and received such overwhelming acclaim from fans and critics alike, that questions immediately started coming about when we’d get a full-length. That can be overwhelming and frustrating for any band, but Islander have delivered with Violence and Destruction and to say they deliver is an understatement. Think Rage Against the Machine-meets-P.O.D….that’s kind of what you get with Islander but it’s hard to describe them. Opening with “Counteract,” Islander are off to a glowing start and lead right into “The Sadness of Graves,” and this beautiful piece of music has kicked off with authority. Lead single “Coconut Dracula” has a reggae and metal vibe at the same time and is a delicious dish of musical gumbo that speeds up and slows down the album at the same time- it’s trippy. “Pains” would have fit well on the Pains. EP and is a great segue into “Kingdom,” the only true ballad of the album, which acts as a bit of an intermission between the first and second halves of the record and has an intoxicating effect. The second half of the album is a complete acid trip and will tear you in every direction, wearing you out and kicking your ass every way possible, starting with “Side Effects of Youth,” which is the start of one of the longest adrenaline rushes you’ll have this year. Even though they only have one full-length under their belt, Islander are a force to be reckoned with and Violence and Destruction is prime example, living up to its name in every way possible. In a metal world where we’re looking for the next great band to take the reins and we’re in dire need of some powerhouses, Islander answers that call and is exactly what we need. A lot of pressure was riding on them to produce something impressive and they’ve done well more than that. This is the perfect way to start their career. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards