Interview: Zach Bond and Jake Boes of Nihil



     The Front Row Report had the opportunity to speak with the band Nihil over the phone a few weeks        ago and it  was a very positive experience.

In today’s over saturated market, most bands are all blending in with the same ‘motto’ and same ‘attitude’.  Nihil completely destroys the expectations of the music industry and is on the path to creating their own brand.

Speaking to Zach Bond (guitars) and Jake Boes (vocals) felt like old friends catching up. I caught them one evening on the brink of their upcoming east coast tour. Zach was ‘excited and ready to play as many shows as they could.’ Zach and  Jake both have been in the music scene for a few years already in different projects. ‘We have a previous working relationship from the past, so everything is just coming together perfectly’, states Jake.

They both are excited to bring their music out on tour with them. I told the guys that I have only heard two songs and was really interested in what sound they are creating. ‘Thanks, man..we’re definitely trying’ [laughing] Zach stated. Zach told me that their upcoming tour is about two months long. Both band members have toured in the past but really focused on playing in the local market.

‘We have played about three shows in Boston and loved it’, Jake stated. ‘It’s definitely a fun crowd’. I asked Jake what really got him into doing the whole vocal thing. Jake replied that his sister actually had a big influence on him from when he was younger. ‘What got me into it was my sister’s love of music. She actually took me to a punk rock show. Like, an actual punk rock show is someones’s basement’ [laughing]. Jake went on about how the whole aspect of the crazy environment really struck a cord with him that night and it just stuck. Jake recalled times of first practicing his vocals and it sounded ‘like a cat dying.’ It just shows that persistence pays off.

Zach chimed in with how his family had a large influence on him as well. ‘I grew up in a metal background. Pantera, name it.’ I really have the metal influence, that’s for sure.

Both Zach and Jake really have a lot of pride in their souls, it’s very obvious just from a half hour phone conversation. I asked Zach to elaborate on how they are getting ready to get themselves out there and tour their asses off. Zach replied with a happy laugh and said, ‘We just need to keep our heads above water. This is a big fun game for us. We are excited to represent ourselves and our music.’