Interview: Violence in Vanity

Shortly after Baltimore, MD rockers Violence in Vanity finished their  E.P. release show at Soundstage TFRR\’s own Tera Ford sat down  and spent some quality time with the members of VIV.  

So you guys just played your EP release show on Saturday, how’d it feel?

David: It felt great to finally have our CD done, we’ve been playing for about a year, year and a half or so. It’s always work in progress so you get your skrims done, you get your t-shirts done you get your merch together and you know obviously we’ve been in and out of the studio for that year and a half so everything just came together that show. It was almost like a tipping point to go to that next step. We’ve played shows, we’ve all been in bands that have played shows before but there is that milestone show, and sometimes the CD release isn’t a milestone as you would think for most bands but this one for us, I think, was a big milestone for us. Almost like a symbolic thing of moving forward and getting the next step going.

Who writes the lyrics? Because listening to this EP it seems very passionate and quite honestly it’s very relatable.

David: When you’re putting it on CD and you’re putting it out there unless it’s just for you which this CD it really was, it is taken from the heart, it is taken personally with experiences and all that. But you do write somewhat cryptically to where interpretation is allowed. Jamey: Yeah he writes the lyrics. Jeff: Yeah and to add to that a lot of the songs that were on the EP were basically already done, by the time me and Dave started jamming together he already had full songs. It became a band process when we went into record but lyrically it was done.

Where does Violence in Vanity go from here?

Cody: It’s only up from here. Obviously play more out of state. Write more songs because that’s what needs to happen. David: I think the next step is that there are people we don’t know in Kentucky, Texas, but there are management groups that have contacts out there and even just booking. A good way to get yourself out there and make your money is to play. That’s what bands have to make their money off of now is shows. Essentially This last year and a half has been building ourselves as a business and what business would want to purchase another business or help another business if it’s not already successful on its own. You have to be self-sufficient and making your own money where you just need that extra help. We just don’t have those years of contacts built up out of state yet. Jeff: I think we’re one of those bands that we pride ourselves on being more of a live thing than a studio thing so it’s going to be more of “holy shit we saw this band in Winchester VA you have to see them the next time they come around” I think we’re more of a word-of-mouth band, relying on the people that we play for. Moving forward it would be beneficial to us would be to get a booking agent. Branch out a little more west.

Biggest musical influences on you guys?

Cody: I would say one of our biggest influences on the band would be Nothing More. I don’t know how everyone else feels about it but definitely. Jeff: Definitely. When they put out their self-titled it blew our minds on what they could do with what little they had. I play keyboard in this band and that’s something before this band that most of us didn’t do. Cody: I got a sample pad solely for this band. David: Influence wise I’m more of a tool and stuff like that, my Pandora thing is just full of odd stations so I guess it kind of all adds in. Jeff: Nothing More showed us that there is no limitations to what you can do live. Killswitch Engage is a huge influence on me, a little bit more aggressive and that’s what I want to bring to this band. I really think we could push the boundaries on what we could do. We’re tasteful. Jamey: When I was invited to join, I was like okay it’s mainstream hard rock that’s not mainstream hard rock. We just work with a bunch of different styles of music.

If your band could be a sex position, which position would it be?

Cody: I’d say reverse cowgirl. Jeff: You know what I went there too! David: But I mean reverse cowgirl there isn’t much diverse that you can do with it. If you look at our music and you break it down, a good dynamic is really important live. You go down and you go back up. You have to be able to go hard and then go soft again. You need a dynamic position that you can go both soft and hard in and everything works out okay, so I’m going to say doggy style. Jamey: That’s exactly what I was going with.

You can stream (if youre a tight ass!) or download Violence in Vanity e.p. HERE

If you prefer something hard & round in your hands, you can buy the CD HERE

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